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Realistic Medical Clinic provides a wide range of services like physical examination, drug testing, minor surgeries, weight loss program, and many others. Our main focus is to provide quality healthcare to each patient.

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Our Services

The various services that we provide include:

General Practice

At Realistic Medical Clinic, we have a team of compassionate and empathetic general physicians who will take care of your health concerns..

Federal Workmen’s Comp

We are experts at treating injured federal workers with compassion. We provide comprehensive patient care and listen to every patient’s needs.

Auto/Pedestrian Accidents

At Realistic Medical Clinic, we provide you with quality healthcare treatments so that you can recover from your auto/pedestrian injuries easily and effectively.

Slip & Fall Accidents

At Realistic Medical Clinic, first, we assess the extent of the injury. We perform tests and scans like X-rays, MRI’s and CT scans to get a complete picture.

Crime Victim’s Compensation/Assault Injuries

We provide assistance and treatments to victims of physical or psychological injury as a result of a violent crime under the crime victim’s compensation/assault injuries program.

Personal Injuries

At Realistic medical clinic, we focus on the recovery and wellness of patients and offer personalized care to every patient. We are a one-stop clinic for any type of personal injury.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Our team of specialists helps the patients overcome the physical limitations caused by the injuries. They help you in regaining the skills and strength of the body

DWI Accidents

We provide a complete examination, diagnosis, and treatment procedures that are done to provide pain relief to the patient. Our caring team provides support and prompt treatment to patients involved in a DWI accident.

DOT Physicals

Our highly experienced examiners conduct a physical fitness test to check if the driver meets the requirements, as stated by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Pre-employment Physical and Drug Testing

Realistic Medical Clinic provides pre-employment physical examinations and drug tests in order to determine your eligibility for employment.

Pulmonary Function Testing

At Realistic medical clinic, we use advanced technology to diagnose and treat your lungs and respiratory-related diseases.

Pharmacy Services

The pharmacy team at Realistic Medical Clinic provides a wide range of services, including providing medication supplies for both outpatients and inpatients

On-the-job Injuries

Realistic Medical Clinic has been treating on-job injuries for many years. After any on-job injury, we provide the injured worker with the best medical care

Minor Surgeries

We offer a wide range of convenient and affordable treatments for your minor surgical procedures such as skin tag removal, mole removal, cyst removal or wound stitching.

Obtain all Medical Records including ER visit

We respect your privacy, so all the records are kept confidential and are not given to anyone else without your consent.

Lab Services Available

Our clinic is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory to provide an extensive range of tests required to diagnose your underlying medical concern.

Occupational Medicine

At Realistic Medical Clinic, we make sure that employers are able to have healthy and disease-free employees by providing regular health screenings and wellness programs.

Diagnostic Referral

We refer you to the best medical professionals within our network, based on your specific needs.

Weight-loss Program

Our weight loss program includes the combination of weight loss supplements, low-calorie diets, physical exercise, lipotropic injections along with behavioral modification.

VA (Veteran Affairs) Clinic

Realistic Medical Clinic provides top-quality medical services to improve the physical and mental health of the veterans.

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