Pharmacy Services

For all our inpatient and outpatient dispensary needs, we have a pharmacy within the clinic itself. We provide top-quality pharmaceutical care by cost-effective distribution and purchasing of medicines. Our main aim is to provide full information about medicines to all the patients and staff. The pharmacy team at Realistic Medical Clinic provides a wide range of services, including providing medication supplies for both outpatients and inpatients and also few community-based patients.

We have a team of qualified pharmacists that is dedicated to providing the best services to the patients. Our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists will tell you how to correctly take the medicine, the correct dose of the medicine, and any possible side effects that the medicine might have. Apart from providing medicines conveniently, we also give complete information about drug usage and safety to all our patients.

Core pharmacy services

We provide a wide range of pharmacy services. Our core pharmacy services include:

  • providing medicines conveniently
  • disposal of out of date medicines
  • advising on the treatment of minor health issues like cold sores
  • renewing and adapting a prescription
  • shorter waiting times

At Realistic Medical Clinic, the pharmacists visit the wards daily and discuss the medication needs with the doctors and patients. Our pharmacists explain the prescription clearly to the patients and advise them on their correct usage. They also address any questions or concerns of the patients about the medication.

Pharmacy services for the out-patients

Our pharmacists discuss the prescription, lifestyle, and the clinical condition of the patient before handing out the medicines. The identity of the patients is protected and a unique number is attached to their prescription. There is also a private consultation room to maintain privacy. We also provide a wide range of over-the-counter medicines at competitive prices.

Any Query Regarding Pharmacy Services?

In case you have any questions regarding our pharmacy services, call us at (713) 434-5877) or visit our contact page.

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