Occupational Medicine

At Realistic Medical Clinic, we make sure that employers are able to have healthy and disease-free employees by providing regular health screenings and wellness programs. Our dedicated team of physicians evaluates the diagnosis and treatment for both work-related injury and environmental illnesses. We provide the top-quality facilities for diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of work-place related issues. We also offer psychological care that helps worker’s health and productivity.

What is occupational medicine

Occupational medicine deals with injuries or diseases caused by the workplace environment. It is concerned with the impact of work on health and health on work. The main focus of the occupational medicine physician is the physical and mental welfare of the employees. Occupational Physicians help in assessing the health standards of the employees, whether they meet the industry standards or not. Occupational Physicians also help in determining whether the ill-health is caused by work and the eligibility for an ill-health retirement pension.

What is the use of occupational medicine facilities

When a worker files a worker’s compensation claim, then a proper checkup and treatment are needed. This is done at the occupational medicine clinic. The occupational medicine clinic can be used for drug screening of the employees. Additionally, these clinics also conduct health screening of the employees for employment and insurance purposes. Whenever you want to consult a doctor for work-related issues, you go to an occupational medicine clinic.

Our occupational medicine services

We offer the following occupational medicine services at Realistic Medical Clinic

  • Complete diagnosis and treatment of the injuries and diseases
  • Medical Examinations
  • Health screenings of employees
  • Pre-employment physical tests
  • Audiometry/vision testing
  • X-rays, MRI’s
  • Lab services like blood tests,
  • Injury care including head injuries, burns and many more
  • Drug and alcohol screening for the new and present employees

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