Federal Workmen’s Comp

After an injury at the workplace, you need specialists who can take care of your health and also fully know the worker’s compensation system. We are experts at treating injured federal workers with compassion and are also renowned for providing seamless and hassle-free claims assistance to all our federal patients. We offer the best treatment for almost every type of workplace injury.

Our top priority is to help you recover from the injury. We provide comprehensive patient care and listen to every patient’s needs. Although we give priority to your health, we also make sure that your claim moves forward smoothly. We also provide free claim assistance to help you in getting the benefits you deserve.

What is federal workmen’s comp

Federal workers who sustain any type of on-job injuries are provided compensation benefits by the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA). These benefits include payment of all medical bills as well as out-of-pocket expenses. The injured workers are also given full wages up to 45 days, in case the injury prevents them from working.

Eligibility for federal workmen’s comp

To be eligible for federal workmen’s comp, you must be:

  • employed by the federal government
  • injured while performing job duties

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