Obtain All Medical Records Including ER Visits

All our patients have the complete right to ask for their medical records whenever needed. We respect your privacy, so all the records are kept confidential and are not given to anyone else without your consent. You have to fill out the authorization form and deposit a small fee to obtain your records. You can also find the authorization form online at our website. 

In most cases, you and your doctors can access your medical records. However, if you need to obtain medical records of any other patient, you need an authorization letter from the patient. To speed up the process, we provide an online authorization form on our website. We provide the medical records in the same format in which the patient requests, whether the patient wants it in his Gmail account or any other way. We try to honor their every request, if possible.

Why should you obtain all medical records

The medical records are very important for patients in understanding their own health as well as the health care costs. The patient’s records generally include medical history, physical tests, X-rays, ultrasound, lab tests, medication lists, discharge summary, any allergies, and other medical information. These records can also help in avoiding getting the same test done twice. If you want to see another doctor, then these medical records can be shared with other healthcare providers.

Fees for obtaining these records

Realistic Medical Clinic charges a very nominal fee if you want to obtain these records. Moreover, we do not charge any fees if you just want to view these records. However, the processing fees may vary according to the request.

Book Your Appointment to obtain all medical records

For obtaining your medical records, book an appointment by filling the appointment form or call us at (713) 434-5877)

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