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In any medical diagnosis, clinical laboratories play a crucial role in quality healthcare services by assisting with an accurate diagnosis of the condition. Realistic Medical Clinic offers a full-service lab whose main goal is to provide top-quality service to all the patients. Our clinic is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory to provide an extensive range of tests required to diagnose your underlying medical concern.

We deploy external and internal quality control measures that help us in delivering fast, accurate and consistent results. We use the latest available technologies to deliver high-quality results. Our highly trained staff is capable of providing fast and friendly services to the patients.  We offer a variety of tests like hepatitis tests, liver tests as well as routine checkup tests.

Our lab services

We offer

  • Experienced and highly trained staff
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Dedicated and motivated laboratory outreach manager
  • Broad test menu
  • Same-day results
  • Emailing or faxing the reports
  • Walk-ins and convenient appointment times
  • Multiple daily sample pickups
  • Affordable prices

Avail our lab services for various tests

We offer a variety of tests at our laboratory. The various tests we offer are as follows:

Cholesterol (Lipid) Panel: These tests determine the amount of cholesterol in your blood. These tests measure the following types of lipids in your blood.

  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL
  • LDL
  • Triglycerides

Hemoglobin A1C: These tests are used in determining the blood sugar levels. These tests may also be used in checking diabetes or prediabetes in adults.

General lab tests: These are the most common lab tests. These include

  • Complete blood count
  • Basic metabolic panel
  • Glucose
  • Hepatic Function Panel
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • Iron, Calcium, Magnesium
  • Complete metabolic panel
  • Cholesterol
  • Uric acid
  • Urinalysis

Vitamin & mineral tests: Vitamin tests are done to check the deficiency of any vitamins in the body. Our lab provides the testing of the following vitamins and minerals.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Folate
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc

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If you want to avail our different lab services, then book your appointment by calling us at (713) 434-5877) or visit our contact page.

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