VA (Veteran Affairs) Clinic

Veteran Affairs Clinic

Realistic Medical Clinic provides top-quality medical services to improve the physical and mental health of the veterans. Our team consists of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, and other specialists who completely understand the needs of the veterans. We also provide counseling and therapy to the veterans to help them recover from any psychological issues associated with the service.

Common services offered by veteran affairs clinic

The most common services that are offered by the veteran affairs clinic are:

Primary care
Primary care includes health counseling and evaluation, prevention of diseases, weight control measures, nutrition counseling and counseling and treatment of substance abuse.

Physical health care
VA clinics provide treatment for different types of physical injuries like a back injury, knee injury or any other physical injury.

Mental health and wellness
VA clinics provide counseling and therapy to deal with various mental issues like PTSD, anger management or depression.

New law regarding VA

According to the new law, the veterans can now see non-VA or private doctors for treatment. VA will pay for all the expenses of veterans to see a private doctor for specialty care if they have to wait longer than 28 days or drive more than an hour to see a VA provider.

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