General Practice

At Realistic Medical Clinic, we have a team of compassionate and empathetic general physicians who will take care of your health concerns. We aim to provide preventative and curative care to ensure the good health of all our patients. We provide you with the individualized attention you deserve.

General practice doctor

A general practice doctor or a general practitioner(GP) is a physician who diagnoses and treats different conditions like illness or minor flu. General practitioners are not a specialist in any one particular field. They provide medical care to patients of all age groups as well as to both males and females. Usually, when people are looking for medical care, they first consult a general practitioner. However, the general practitioner can refer the patient to a specialist if the patient develops a serious condition.

Responsibilities of a general practice doctor

The typical responsibilities of a general practice doctor include:

  • responding to the health problem of the patients
  • diagnosis and treatment of medical problems of the patients
  • maintaining the confidentiality of the patients
  • organizing various preventative medical programs for different patients
  • collecting and maintaining the patient’s information like medical history, and test results
  • promoting health education
  • referring the patients to specialists
  • consult with other health professionals when required
  • observing and assessing the trainee GP’s  and medical students work

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