Pulmonary Function Testing

At Realistic Medical Clinic, we use advanced technology to diagnose and treat your lungs and respiratory-related diseases. Our services include spirometry, diffusion study, lung volume measurement and many more. We have an experienced team of physicians and technicians for conducting the number of breathing tests.

Pulmonary function tests

Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are done to check how well your lungs are working. These tests determine how effectively your lungs provide oxygen to your body and also your ability to breathe. These tests are also known as lung tests. A doctor advises you to take these tests in case:

  • there are symptoms of lung problems.
  • you are constantly exposed to certain substances like coal, sawdust, paint, etc.
  • of examining chronic lung diseases like asthma.
  • you are having surgery to assess your lungs conditions

There are 2 types of diseases that cause problems with inhaling and exhaling air from the lungs. These are:

Obstructive diseases

In these diseases, the airways become narrow due to which the air has trouble flowing out of the lungs. These diseases include bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma.

Restrictive diseases

In these diseases, the chest or lung muscles cannot expand enough, therefore, reducing the airflow. These diseases include sarcoidosis, pulmonary fibrosis, and scleroderma.

The pulmonary function tests help in diagnosing asthma, lung fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asbestosis, sarcoidosis, pulmonary tumor, pulmonary tumor, respiratory infections, lung cancer, and allergies.

Methods for performing pulmonary function test

There are 2 methods to perform these tests. These are:


In plethysmography, you stand or sit in an airtight box for tests. It helps in calculating how much air your lungs can hold.


In the spirometry test, you breathe into a device called spirometer. It records the speed of your breath and the amount of air you breathe in and out.

How to prepare for Pulmonary Function Tests?

If you are taking medication for asthma or chronic bronchitis, then the doctor may advise not to take these medicines before tests. The pain killers can also affect the test results so inform your doctor about any pain killers that you are using. It is advised to take these tests on an empty stomach as a full stomach may not allow your lungs to inhale fully. Also, avoid drinks like coffee that contain caffeine before the tests. You should not do any hard physical exercise or smoke before taking the test. Wear loose clothes that help you in breathing properly as tight fitted clothes may restrict your breathing. In case you had chest, eye or abdominal surgery recently or a heart attack recently, you should take the test after some time.

Usually, these tests are safe. However, since these tests require quickly breathing in and out, there is a slight chance that you may faint or feel dizzy. Asthma patients can have an asthma attack as well. There are certain things that can make the test results inaccurate. These things include the use of pain medications, pregnancy, stomach bloating, patient’s effort and cooperation.

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