Pre-Employment Physical & Drug Testing

Realistic Medical Clinic provides pre-employment physical examinations and drug tests in order to determine your eligibility for employment. These exams ensure employers that prospective employees are healthy and fit for their company. Many employers conduct pre-employment testing for reassurance that the new employee is physically and mentally fit for work. We provide employers with useful health information of the employee which helps them in making important hiring decisions.

Benefits of pre-employment physical at our clinic

There are various benefits of getting pre-employment physical & drug tests at our clinic. The key benefits are:

Streamlined testing
Realistic Medical Clinic is your one-stop shop for all drug and other employment-related health tests. We provide full-body tests as well as tests for a specific body part.

Dedicated service
We provide dedicated service and single customer service contact. You do not have to go from one place to another. You can expect excellent customer service.

Fast & accurate results
Our test results are accurate. You can also check the test results online.

Pre-employment physical tests

These days pre-employment physical tests are an important part of the employment process. These tests make sure that the new employee does not have any serious medical issues and is physically fit for the job. These tests include:

  • Examining your height, weight, and body mass index (BMI).
  • Eye check-up for color blindness.
  • Heart examination for hypertension
  • Examining full-body movement
  • Screening test for kidney
  • Checking the respiratory system.
  • Hearing test
  • Screening of lungs
  • Diabetes checkup
  • Detecting hernia
  • Urine test for bladder disorders
  • Measuring pulse rate
  • Reporting on existing medical illnesses, allergies, and previous medical history

After completing all these physical tests, we issue a report providing the overall health status of the employee. Depending on the results, we may prescribe some specific vaccinations or some additional results.

Psychological tests

These tests are also part of the pre-employment test. These tests check the mental health of the employee. Some jobs are physically demanding whereas some are psychologically demanding. In these tests, the examiner asks particular questions to determine whether the employee can handle stress on the job and how does he cope with the mental pressure.

Drug tests

Most employers require that their employees are drug-free while on the job. The old employees are regularly tested for drugs while it is mandatory for new employees these days to take drug tests before joining. Some companies conduct random drug testing to keep their employees on their toes and also to keep the workplace drug-free. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not only increases the risk of injury to the employee himself but also to the coworkers. There are various benefits of conducting a drug test in a company. It increases safety, morale, and productivity and also reduces accidents.

We provide a variety of drug tests which include urine drug screening, saliva drug screening, sweat drug screening, and alcohol testing. We ensure the complete privacy of the person who is undergoing the test.

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